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Unaddressed Admail

Unaddressed Admail is a very common form of Direct Mail Marketing. Unaddressed Admail is not addressed to specific individuals and is typically mailed out across large areas. Unaddressed Admail is a great way to find new customers through product promotions, newsletters, product samples, sale flyers and more.

Direct Admail Addressing

Direct Admail Addressing is as it implies; Admail addressed to specific individuals, most often based on a mailing list of qualified sales leads or a mailing list of existing or past customers. Personalized Direct Admail makes people feel important and respected and increases the odds your mail-out gets opened. Postale Plus can label your Direct Admail through a process that involves Mail Merge. (see below)

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a process through which we take your database of names and addresses and merge them with template documents. Merging is efficient, accurate and cost effective. Detailed information can be printed on;

  • Letters
  • Cards
  • Mailing Labels

This process can lead to cost savings by eliminating duplication


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Labels & Stamps



The labelling process is hands down the most important part of the Direct Mail process. Proper and secure labelling and addressing ensures your mail gets where it’s supposed to go. Postale Plus offers a variety of options; 

  • Automated Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Laser Printed Addressing and Labelling
  • Direct Inkjet Addressing
  • Manual Self-Adhesive Labels