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Find a new audience with Direct Mail Marketing and capture their undivided attention. Direct Mail Marketing is a proven, time tested marketing tool that delivers consistent results, helping you reel in new customers and grow your business.

Reach Customers On A Global Scale

Through our partnerships with Canada Post, the U.S. Postal Service and organizations around the world, we offer cost effective Direct Mail Marketing solutions scaled to your needs. A global marketplace is quite literally waiting for your message.

Folding | Envelope Inserting | Addressing | Mailing | Printing | Graphic Design

Mail Sorting

We can help you get your Direct Mail Marketing sorted out. From processing your mailing list database to collating, folding, inserting, polybagging and labelling we’ve got all the bases covered. And our mail sorting services are scallable so you pay for only what you need.

Bulk Mail Services

Basically, Bulk Mail is what it’s all about. You can execute as broad or as narrow a campaign as your strategy calls for. Be it Direct Admail or Unaddressed Admail, we ensure it’s done to Canada Post standards.

Turn-Key Solutions

If you’re new to Direct Mail and you’re not sure where to start or you don’t have a Graphic Design department; Here too, we’ve got your back. Our turn-key Ad Mail solutions will take you from design to print to mailing, all in and hassle free.


Contact Postale Plus today to discover how affordable Direct Mail Marketing can be and get started generating qualified sales leads that convert.

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Reasons For Choosing Postale Plus

  • Our high volume processing saves you time and money
  • Save on postage rates thanks to our partnership with Canada Post.
  • We ensure there are fewer mailing errors through data management.
  • Save on campaigns through the use of targeted mailing lists

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